When your Raiser's Edge database is hosted by Blackbaud, you use their FTP Server for uploading and downloading files between Raiser's Edge and other applications or services.  This includes Omatic Cloud.  You can create subfolders for your formulas, allowing you to schedule file uploads into Omatic Cloud.

Step 1: Review the general instructions for creating an FTP Data Source

Step 2: Locate your Blackbaud Hosting Files credentials and prepare a subfolder

Create a subfolder in the Hosted Files that will be used exclusively with your Omatic Cloud Formula. You will need to create a unique subfolder for each Formula you plan to use.

Your port number will be 22.

Your username and password will be the same that you use to login to the Hosted Files folder.

  • Azure - You can use this solution from Blackbaud to find your Azure Hosting Files credentials and learn more about managing a 3rd-party connection.  Note- Blackbaud expires these credentials every 45 days, and you will need to return to the Data Source configuration to update them before the formula can continue running as scheduled.

Step 3: Enter your subfolder in the Formula settings

  • When you are creating a formula, you will be prompted to enter your subfolder's name.  The format will be as follows:

[Blackbaud Site ID]\[Folder Name]

For example, if your Blackbaud Site ID is 5740, and you named the folder Omatic, you would enter the folder like this (highlighted in orange):

 *Don't forget - this folder should contain a valid example file, and no other files, when you're creating the formula.  If there are zero or more than 1 file in there, you will be unable to proceed to the next step.