Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution walks through how you can discard 1:many matches that fall below a threshold

Environment: All

Versions: All


In Omatic Cloud, you can choose to ignore individual records that fall below a define match score. Let's say when reviewing records you do not want to see 1:many matches that have a score of less than 60%. In the record triage settings, you can instruct Omatic Cloud to discard matches that are scored 60% or below. 

For example, you have John Smith in your system of record, and three incoming records that are a match. One has a match score of 85%, the second has a score of 70%, and the third has a match score of 50%. In the triage rules, you have instructed Omatic Cloud to discard matches that fall below 60%. Omatic Cloud will drop the third record (with a score of 50%), and it will only show you the records with a score of 85% and 70%. 

To define a threshold, you will navigate to the record triage page. Check the box next to "Discard matches below a match score threshold:." Then, the slider will appear where you can set the score. 

Note: This will not discard records where the highest score falls below the threshold you define. For example, if you have incoming data where the highest match score is 50%, you will still see this record in your buckets.