Product: Omatic Cloud

Description: This solution walks you through how to update status on an existing Recurring Gift in BBCRM

Environment: BBCRM

Versions: All


In Omatic Cloud, you have the ability to update the following fields on an existing Recurring Gift in BBCRM:

Let's say you have a donor who has canceled their Recurring Gift. In Omatic Cloud, you will need to create an additional formula which will be used to edit the Recurring Gift. Please follow the steps below to update the gift status:

  1. Create a new formula with the formula type Luminate Inactive Sustaining Gifts to BBCRM Constituent Revenue
  2. Map to the following required section:
    • Constituent / Individual
  3. Additionally, we recommend mapping to the following optional sections to improve matching:
    • Constituent / Alternate Lookup ID
    • Constituent / Email Address
  4. Scroll down to the Recurring Gift / Existing Recurring Gift section
  5. Map the fields as following:
    • Edit if matched: defined as True
    • Revenue lookup ID: map the Original Transaction ID from your source
    • New status: map the Recurring Gift Statusfrom your source, and apply the appropriate transformations. The following values are included in the Inactive Status Update:
      • COMPLETE
    • New reason code for status change: you will again want to map Recurring Gift Status from your source. Then, you will need to apply a transformation as BBCRM concatenates Status and Reason Code.
      • Example: the Status is Canceled. In order to update the Recurring Gift in BBCRM from Active to Canceled, BBCRM requires a reason code. You're reason code could be something like: "No Longer Donor." You will apply the following transformation:
  6.  Click Apply Changes

Note: you will need to map the Transaction ID from your source in the formula you used to create the Recurring Gift record in BBCRM. In doing so, Omatic Cloud will use that value to look to see if the Recurring Gift you are attempting to modify already exists. If you do not have the original transaction ID, Omatic Cloud will attempt to look up the Recurring Gift by the mapped existing status, mapped existing amount, or both. 

Formula Processing Steps:

  1. Run your formula that creates to Recurring Gift in BBCRM
    • This formula type will be Luminate Sustainers to BBCRM Constituent/Revenue
  2. Run your formula to add the payment to the Recurring Gift record
    • This formula type will be Luminate Donations to BBCRM Constituents/Revenue
  3. Run your formula to update the existing Recurring Gift record in BBCRM
    • This formula type will be Luminate Inactive Sustaining Gifts to BBCRM Constituent Revenue