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Description: Will Blackbaud's removal of Microsoft Office integration impact Omatic products? 
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Blackbaud has announced that on February 28th, 2022, there will be changes to how users access Microsoft Office application integrations within Blackbaud solutions. You can find more information about this change here:


The Omatic products available in Blackbaud Hosting include:




List Management




EventOmatic (Not available in Azure)


Mail Omatic for Schools

Mail Omatic for Accounting

PosPay (Not available in Azure)

PosPay Web

This change will not impact any Omatic Products, except for one feature in ImportOmatic. If you are currently using the Enhanced Package/Appeal Processing for Gifts in ImportOmatic, you will no longer be able to select "Access Database" as an option. The other options (The Raiser's Edge, Excel File, Default Set) will continue to work. If you are currently using an Access Database, you will need to copy your data into an excel file and update the file path location to point to the new file.

For more information about Enhanced Package/Appeal Processing, click here.