Product: ImportOmatic, PostOmatic
Description: Occurs when attempting to view or open files stored on a Blackbaud hosted folder or Tenant Shared Folder
Environment: All
Version: All


If you are receiving the following error when attempting to open files created by Omatic products, this is due to new restrictions put in place by Blackbaud regarding the use of Microsoft products.

As a workaround, please try accessing your file through a separate file explorer window, rather than going through the import history in your ImportOmatic profile or the Import window. You can also try doing "Open With" or changing the file path to a local folder.

Please reference the following article from Blackbaud's KnowledgeBase regarding the changes that they made with the use of Microsoft products:

Due to recent changes in how Blackbaud interacts with MS products and file extensions, you will need to update your processes for retrieving these files. 

In the event the steps above do not work for you, navigate to the folder location address shown in the error screen and remove the file from the designated folder location by downloading or cutting or copying and place it on the desktop of your local workstation to open that file. Please use these steps described to resolve the issue you are having with opening your output file.