Product: Omatic Cloud
Description: Discussion on available fields in Constant Contact Campaign Activity formula type
Environment: Constant Contact
Version: All


When integrating with Constant Contact, there are 3 available formula types:

* CC Contacts to [system of record]

* CC Campaign Activity to [system of record]

* [System of record] to CC Contacts

When using the CC Campaign Activity formula type, most biographical fields, such as address and custom fields are not available for mapping. The API endpoint for campaign activity does not include these biographical fields, and would require additional API calls to retrieve these fields. This would result in degraded performance and possible throttling from the API.

It is recommended to import all biographical data using the CC Contacts formula type first. This would include the Contact ID from Constant Contact. This ID can be imported to an Alternate Lookup ID, or an Alias field, depending on the system of record in use.

When running the CC Campaign Activity formula, the Contact ID is used for matching to the record. Any biographical data will already be added from the Contacts formula run.