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Can IOM Compare Imported Phone/Email Values Against Multiple & Non-Sequential Phone Type Fields?


We are using ImportOmatic to import online donations into Raiser Edge v. 7.93. We had previously been using the "Update Existing" option under Phones/Emails for our import file, however we discovered that major issues happen in Campaign Monitor if an email address is overwritten in RE but not updated in CM. 

We are currently testing the import profile Phones/Emails option "Assign available matching phone type with a different number" in ImportOmatic, using an additional email type for reviewing new addresses so that they get manually updated in Campaign Monitor correctly and we don't have any more "lost" emails. It seems to meet our needs for the email address issue, however we are running into challenges with phone number types when using this feature. Because we use specific phone type names ("Business", "Cell", etc) and not sequential naming like "Phone 1", "Phone 2".. ImportOmatic will now throw out a row of data as an exception if the phone number is different from the value in the "Value Type" specified by the profile, even if the phone number exists on the record under a different phone type name. For example:


Sally's RE record has 2 phone numbers listed:

Home Phone: (123)456-7890

Cell: (987)654-3210

Our import profile is mapped to import the phone number to the "Home Phone" field. When Sally makes a gift online, she fills out the "phone number" field with her cell number, (987)654-3210.  When importing, ImportOmatic will not import Sally's gift because it is only looking at Home Phone. Since the number in the import file is different that the number labeled "Home Phone", the gift is not imported.

Is there a way for IOM to review multiple, different (non-sequential) phone type fields when importing? It would be great if IOM could recognize that the phone number we are importing for Sally already exists as a phone number value, even if it is not under the specific phone type field mapped in the import profile. We do not wish to change all our phone number types to "Phone 1", "Phone 2", etc, as we need the specificity of labeling numbers "Business", "Cell", or the like.


Any thoughts?

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