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Event Participant importing question

Hi everyone,


I'm hoping someone can help me with a question we had on importing multiple event participants.


Specifically where Event Participant records are set to allow multiples on a record, so the supporter could do ‘Generic Fundraising Event’ on 01/01/2017, and then again do a different ‘Generic Fundraising Event’ on 02/02/2017, how does ImportOMatic process these in imports?  I believe that if the EventID matches that it will always update the existing Event Participant record, meaning that any time someone did multiple different fundraising events during a year of the same type, where we would ideally use the same EventID, ImportOMatic would automatically update the existing record.  Is there any way to force it to add new ones where it matches the EventID but other information doesn’t match, such as the Event Date? 


Additionally, for Challenge Events, we would only want to allow one Participant record, as someone should only be taking part in events like London Marathon 2017 once.  But for Community Events, where a supporter could do their own fundraising throughout the year, we tend to use a single EventID (‘Now is Good Community Fundraising’) but a distinct event participant record for each separate bit of fundraising they do.  We have a number of supporters who may do multiple bake sales or smaller fundraising events in a year, where we would want to steward them for each of these, and I think that ImportOMatic wouldn’t support this...?


Please let me know if any of this is unclear as I appreciate it's quite a long-winded post...


Many thanks,


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