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List Management and Identifying Donor Records

Hoping to get some help around matching people on List Management with existing donors that dont come through Import O Matic


We use IOM for most of our bulk imports - Telemarketing, Face to Face, Online Donations and Bank account donations. 

However, we still use Raiser's Edge Import to import our acquisition lists 4 times a year, and manually add new donors who phone up or mail and aren't existing.  

We don't have FindOMatic (yet to upgrade to latest version, likely wont until after tax) and not confident that this will cover all the options listed above anyway.

Does anyone else do this? How do you find those people matching in Raisers Edge as a Full Constituent and then the List Management record? It's bound to happen, and just want to reduce duplicates across the database so we don't send someone to Acquisition Telemarketing if they have already become a new donor since being on our list.

We have MergeOMatic as well - can it be used for this?


Any ideas welcome, besides doing a manual check somehow.


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