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Processing 'unsubscribe' lists (Email) via IOM?

I am attaching our current SOP (as pdf) for manually 'unsubscribing' email addresses in Raiser's Edge.  We periodically receive these lists from our Constant Contact account.  While the SOP is simple it is time consuming.  I am always looking for ways to use IOM to automate manual tasks, but cant's find a way to import the new 'type' (UNSUBSCRIBED Email) & delete the old type (Email) with the same value - the email address on which I matched the constituent record.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to how this may be accomplished?

I know we can mark the existing Email as DNC, but I find that not all my users include that criteria when pulling email lists via Query.  I'm trying to make our Unsubscribe processing bullet-proof, so to speak.
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