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Invalid number

I am importing total credits and some have a .5 at the end of the number. I got this error: Source row 9 produced Excel error row 3: Invalid Number:  Description [Object: 'CAttribute', PK: '-4', Import ID: '', Desc: '126.5', Field: 'Description', Value: '126.5'] -->BBREAPI.CEducation2Class.Save()-->#=qbUkdE1ys3Iugx7OmaG0ABt4AWKRyNFCnBuF_JJuqkMg=.#=qAuD4enb_YNHOs49dT1bxn5pCh_XJer8HJwVQrsKUrA0=()


Any ideas on how to import a decimal, i.e. 126.5? Is it an Excel problem?

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