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Processing one off cash and recurring gifts at the same time



We have an import file that contains both one off credit card donations and regular monthly recurring gift data  - does anyone know if you can import a file with both the one off cash gifts and recurring gift set ups on it at the same time? 


I thought you could but all my cash one off gifts keep failing with an exception reason of "Bank information did not exist on the constituent record and could not be created" despite the fact the bank details on these are blank. Do I need to do a separate cash and recurring gift import?


Many thanks in advance.


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Hi Laura.
I don't believe its possible as when you map Recurring Gifts you have to have all fields populated otherwise it spits out exceptions, even when there is no RG gift information. I have a file with the same - single and RG gifts.
I do two imports, one for all records in the file that creates Constituents and adds RGs, and then a second import that create the single gifts batch.
The SG batch i import on matched ID (as there isn't normally more than 20 records at the most) of which i run a query from the IOM import and export the ID and name and match back to the sg file before importing.
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