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Match and update existing education records



Haven't done an import for education records for a while and I wondered if anyone had experience of the following, which has a simple solution.


We add students to Raiser's Edge and currently the student course information is going in attributes and then when they graduate, we put it in the education record. I have a feeling this process is in place as if it were to go in education record, when the record is updated when they graduate, it would just add another education record.


Is there a way in Importomatic to match to the existing education record like the duplicate match criteria or is it a case of having to pull out the education record and the import ID to match on? 


If anyone has experience of doing this I'd be grateful for any insight!


Thank you.


Shubi Choudhury

Guildhall School of Music & Drama

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Hi Shubi,


ImportOMatic has the ability to match off of any of the following when adding/updating education records:

School Name

School Name and Graduation Date

School Name and Degree

School Name, Degree, and Graduation Date


These settings can be found under Constituents->Relationships->Education.






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