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Virtual Fields - leave if field in mapping is blank



Don't know if anyone can help me with this but when importing is there a way you can tell IOM to not update a virtual field if a different non-virtual field is blank?


For example, in constituent attributes we may want to log the pets people have so on data files there will be a column that contains dog, cat, etc or will be blank if they don't have any. We have then used virtual fields to update the date and comments fields of the attribute but as we have used these it has amended the date and comments for all donors and not just the ones with a completed field.  We kind of need something that says only update these virtual fields if column X in the main mapping is not blank.


Any thoughts?


Many thanks, 


Hmm. Interesting. Yes, we are able to add the gifts manually in RE directly after the IOM import is completed. I'm not sure about the spaces - I will have to double-check.

The way the front-end website is set up that the donor can either make a donation on behalf of a specific person (these gifts come through with a solicitor and are processed just fine), or they can make a donation for a team (in this case, there is no solicitor listed and thus creates errors in IOM).

Not sure if this information is helpful to understand the issue in more depth, but I greatly appreciate your feedback!
If it's a required field in RE then there isn't much you can do in IOM. Are you able to add a gift directly in RE without a solicitor? if not then you can't do it through IOM either.

If you are able to directly add a gift to RE without a solicitor (i.e. it's not a required field) then I guess I am surprised that it's trying to match a blank alias. IOM usually just ignores blank fields. Are you sure it's actually blank and doesn't have spaces or something in it?
The error states "No Solicitors matched with the passed in Alias" - I believe it is a required field. Is there a way I can create a rule to process the gifts even when the solicitor field is blank?

What is the error?  I would expect that if solicitor is blank then it would just not assign a solicitor.


Is solicitor required in your system?

Hi Wayne,


Do you have any ideas for a similar issue I am having? We have a field for solicitor names which gets imported only when solicitors are listed. Any gifts that come without a solicitor are thrown out as errors and cannot be processed. Is there a way/rule I can create to enable the gifts without solicitors to be processed as well? Currently, we have to add these manually since they are being thrown out as errors. 


Thanks in advance for your help!


Oooh that is an idea! Thanks Wayne, i'll give it a go.

It sounds like you might be able to do this by copying the column that might have a blank to each of the virtual fields and then using a dictionary to replace anything that is not blank with the value needed.

For example:

If your profile has a Column A that contains dog or cat or blank.

Create a Virtual Field that maps to the comment of the attribute. Then select the "Copy" function and put A as the seed. Now the comment will be a copy of Column A. BUT WAIT, now you create a dictionary that takes any value that is not blank (using a regular expression) and replaces it with whatever you want the comment to be. You could even make a different comment for each animal!

For the date, there is a setting in the Constituent section of the profile to always add today's date to new attributes which might be helpful (and wouldn't override the date of an existing attribute).
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