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Alias - match only, not match or add

Hi there,


I want to use a specific alias as a match against a field in my data file but I don't want the flag added to the aliases if it's not already in Raiser's Edge.


Does anyone have any ideas of how to do this?


Many thanks,


Currently this is not available through standard IOM functionality.  The only options are add or match/add.  This could probably be handled through a customization in the API.  I'd also encourage you to add it as a suggestion in user voice.
Thank you for your feedback, I will have a look into both suggestions.

Many thanks,
Christine, 2 suggestions come to mind.
1. As you have a 'data file' you can first extract all of the appropriate aliases from RE and exclude the rows from your data file which do not match - a quick vlookup between the files would do the trick. You could then upload the scrubbed data file.
2. You could use SQL or other API programming techniques to check for the existence of the alias - if there is no match you would populate a virtual field which would then trigger a skiprow condition.

Anyway, just 2 ideas that jumped out as a workaround to current IOM functionality.
Hi Christine,
Another way around is your could match on Alias and Email (do you have their email addresses in the file?) or Alias and First Name/ Last Name and make this an auto-pick option and tick the import box "exclude any records requiring interaction" when you import, so it will only update those records based on the alias and (email or address).
PS - if u add this on IOMVoice i will vote for it so let me know, i also just want to match and not add for a certin import

I have just added this to the User Voice!

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