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Matching Constituents for Import via Phones Only

I have a whole heap of records to import (1,000) that dont have addresses, and only email and Phone, first name and surname.


Is there a way to bypass matching via address and name and match on email and phone only?

Hi Erin,


Have you found a solution for this? I am having this same issue.



To do this:

1) Create a Duplicate Criteria with something that your data DOESN'T have. Like maybe Zip Code. Since your data has a blank zip code it will never match any of the current records.

2) Apply this criteria (and only this criteria) in your profile under Constituents->Duplicate Search->Criteria

3) On that same screen make sure to check off the two boxes at the bottom to use email and phone for duplicate searching

This will make it so that only email and phone matches will produce results.
Thanks for your reply to this Wayne, currently have 50k records going into List Management matching on Phone and emails only, this is a great work around and will be using it in the future for sure!
Glad to hear it!
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