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Remove hyphen from reference number


Does anyone know how to use a dictionary to remove a hyphen from a reference. For example instead of WG-0001 I would just like WG0001 to be imported? I have had a look and can't seem to find anything that has worked for me so far. 

Many thanks, 



Hi Laura,

Value to match on would be "-" (without the quotes), replacement value would be --BLANK-- and put a check in the box for regular expressions.



Hi John,

Thank you - I've tried this but it is inserting --BLANK-- where the hyphen is. I've popped a screen shot - have I set it up okay? I put a tick in Use Regular Expressions.




Are you typing in "--BLANK--" or just leaving the field blank in replacement values and pressing the plus sign button? Even though they look the same in the dictionary it won't function unless you just leave it blank and press the button.
Oh, I see. I left it blank and it worked! Thanks so much John!
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