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Regular Expression

Can you please help me with the list of regular expressions to use?

Hi Susana,

Can you elaborate on what it is that you're trying to do with a regular expression? Or do you just want a list of some of the more commonly used expressions? Those can be found here


I am trying to enter a different letter code if the date created was a specific date. For example,

If Date Created = "01/25/2017" then the letter code needs to = C
If the Date Created is not 01/25/2017 then I need the letter code to be blank.

Is there a reg ex that will help?
First line: Replacement value: C Value to match on: 01/25/2017 No checkmark next to Use Regular Expressions for this line
Second line: Replacement Value: -BLANK- Value to match on: ^((?!C).)*$ Put a checkmark next to Use Regular Expressions


I am receiving the following error when importing a gift on an existing record but do not have the import ID or Constituent ID in the file. What am I missing. I know that I can import a gift on an existing constituent without the ID. I am not creating this constituent in the database. They are already there.

Line 8: Required Field Missing: Constituent Code [Object: 'CRecord', PK: '-1', Import ID: '', Desc: '', Field: 'Constituent Code', Value: ''] -->BBREAPI.CRecordClass.Save()-->#=q1F0IFapATvcdH4eGMmZ8gXWIBFpoNczEX0SjlMz$RZ8=.#=qk4UVd8GDLzWWMxrY4NDSlFlZTopHlvgXJY0ndsREfPg=()
That error usually indicates that RE is trying to create a new constituent, but since you haven't provided a Constituent Code (and that is required) you get this error.

You say that the record already exists so you need to check your data and profile settings (specifically looking at duplicate criteria) to make sure that IOM has the right information to find the record.

If I had to speculate, I would say that your duplicate criteria are too specific and the data doesn't match well enough to be considered a possible match for the record in RE.


Check out this knowledgebase article about the error which has some other suggestions

What is the expression to use when i require to skip rows when my address is BLANK or when i require skip rows when specific field is different to BLANK?
You would do that using a dictionary that has "Create Exception" checked off for a matching value. You can match on -BLANK- (by just clicking the plus button) or any other value.

Here is the general dictionary help:

And here is the section about skipping rows:
What is the regular expression when the field is different than BLANK? I have this ^\S+$ but doesn't work. Can you please confirm?
What is an example value? That should work.
I created a dictionary:

$1 (Use regular expression checkbox) and value to match= (^\S+$). If the excel column is different to BLANK i need create a new gift notepad.
--BLANK-- (No use regular expression checkbox) and value to match=(^\s*$). If the excel column is BLANK i not need to do anything.
ok, I think I see what is going on here.

First, $1 will copy the value that you matched in the parentheses so if the incoming value is "VALUE1" then the output from the dictionary will be "VALUE1" which I don't think is what you want. I believe what you want is a standard output if there is anything the column. So, for example, you might want "NoteType1" to be output when anything is the column. To do this you should replace the $1 with NoteType1 (or whatever you want the output to be). The dictionary will then match any value, but only output NoteType1.

Secondly, if the dictionary does not match anything, then it leaves the original value. In this case, since you are matching anything that is NOT blank, any blank value will just stay it's original value. Therefore your second entry of replacing \s* with --BLANK-- is redundant and you can just remove it. If the value is blank coming in then it will be blank coming out too.
I want to remove everything BEFORE a string and everything AFTER the string.

For example, I want to take:

2039 Kennedy Blvd-Vodra Hall Box #24-Room 531

and change it to:

Vodra Hall

I have tried using:


This results in:

2039 Kennedy Blvd-Vodra Hall

How can I get rid of the 2039 Kennedy Blvd- part?
You can use this:




$1 means "group 1" where a group is defined by parentheses.  So you are matching the whole string, but only pulling out the Vodra Hall part.

Thanks.  That worked.  I just added the (?i) back in to ignore case.

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