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Blank Notepads Added



I'm building a process to bring in 2 different types of action notepads. Is there any way to make IOM ignore blank notes and *not* create the notepad if no notes exist?



have you tried creating a dictionary mapping to generate a 'skip row' exception
Hi Katie,

The easiest way to accomplish this would be through the use of the regular expression dictionary described here.  The replacement value in the dictionary would be the notepad type, and the seed would be the column that contained your notes.  This way if the notes are blank no notepad type is created, but if there is data in the notes column a notepad type would be created to go along with the notes.




Hi John - I realize this post is a few months old, but I'm hoping you'll still see this.

This is exactly the issue we're currently - could you send a screenshot of what you explained above? I attempted this in several different ways, and it is still importing a blank notepad. It's operator error at this point. Hoping you can help :)

Hi Carrie,



Let's say that the text of the notepad is in column C. You would create your virtual field and map it to notepad type and copy field C.  Then you would apply a dictionary to that field with value to match on of ^.+$ and replacement value of what the notepad type should be and turn on regular expressions.  This dictionary only populates the notepad type if the incoming value isn't blank.  So if column C is blank no notepad type will be created, meaning no blank notepad will be created.  But if there is anything at all in C then it will create the notepad type.



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