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REGEx question

Full disclosure I am dummy when it comes to REGex.  I know how to program, but REGEx escapes me.


I am working on an export and I want to look at an attribute field and if it's blank, replace it with the Raiser's Edge ID.  If its not blank, replace it with blank.  I am guessing the logic would be to create two virtual fields, one chaining off the other.  


Normally, I would do this through the API, but we are hosted, no api!


Any ideas anyone.

This doesn't really sound like a regex question. Regex would transform a value, this sounds more like you want to conditionally copy a field which, unfortunately, you cannot do in IOM without a customization.

Can you explain a little more of what you want to do and maybe give an example?

We are moving to EveryAction and I am trying to set up integration.  So for an example, I want to be able to look at a field in Raiser's Edge called EveryAction and if it's blank populate the first name field.  I think I have figured out just like you it's not possible.


I have another question though:  I have three fields; Do Not Contact, Requests No Email, and Do Not Email.  If I use a dictionary to convert each value to NO, is there a way to combine these fields so they end up as one in the export?  

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