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Regular Expression Query help

Hi there,

I'm trying to amend an existing import to have some conditional elements to it.

The import will need to allocate an action to each record, depending on one of 3 criteria being met by deducing their 'state' (i.e if column "call outcome 2" = PDD and column "Z-card" = yes, then apply "X action". This would need to apply to 3 separate states and apply 3 separate actions. 

Could someone point me towards the right resources to figure this out or explain in (relatively) simple terms how I would go about this?

Many thanks,


Cheers Dennis, i'll drop you an email! 

Cheers for the help Wayne, much appreciated! I'll see what my manager says about Omatic doing the customization...

Liam, this is definitely doable via the API. Would be more than glad to help if you send me your profile and the 'conditions'(ex. "call outcome 2" = PDD and column "Z-card" = yes, then apply "X action"). my email is
IOM has an API that you could use but it is definitely something that requires some programming. The API sub forum here has some information on it and the manual has an appendix about the API but honestly the information is pretty sparse.


Omatic will gladly do the customization for you, for a price of course.
<g class="gr_ gr_4 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Punctuation only-ins replaceWithoutSep" id="4" data-gr-id="4">Thanks</g> Wayne, would you know where I could find out more about customization's - or is this something that should be left to more tech savvy people? Thanks Liam
This sounds like something that would could only be done through a customization. Generally you cannot do any kind of conditional logic that involves multiple fields without a customization.
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