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Amending Recurring Gift


I have just created a profile for amending recurring gifts, however I cannot find how to untick the resend advance notice - can anyone help please?


many thanks



I wish I could help but we don't use that feature. Sorry! It may be a question for support.

Hi Marie


Hi Shirley,
I don't see that on my recurring gifts screen. Could you post a screenprint?
Hi Shirley, Marie,

Sorry to stick my nose in, but the confusion might stem from the fact that ANLs are a specific to direct debits. Consequently they are a phenomenon specific to Europe (if not the UK - I'd have to check).

Omatic do have access to a UK-version of Raiser’s Edge, but I suppose it's possible they've overlooked this field.


Hi Marie


On the amendment screen is a check box for resend advance notice.  This is automatically populated when an amendment is made, however this stops the Recurring Gift from claiming, so I am looking for somewhere in the IoM profile to uncheck.


Hope that this makes sense.




Are you referring to the "Send Reminders" checkbox, or somthing else?
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