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Dictionary Question

We currently have a dictionary set up and, upon testing, are finding that certain values in the dictionary match correctly while others do not. 

Specifically, when we 'Test' certain values, they will match using the 'Selected Item' option, but not using the 'Whole dictionary' option. The text is identical to the value in the dictionary (we copy and pasted it). 

We are not currently using RegEx matching. 


This has us quite stumped. Has anyone encountered this before or have insight into a possible fix? Thank you,

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Dictionaries run through all of the entries from top to bottom and the text changes based on matches as you go.  So if the text matches something higher up it might be getting changed before it reaches your entry.  When you test using Just this entry it will only run that match.  If you use the Full dictionary then it will run through all of the other matches before it first.


Try and narrow down to exactly the combination that doesn't work in a new test dictionary and post it here so we can help!

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