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IOM issue with Citrix Receiver

Hi folks,

We're experiencing a weird issue with running IOM for Raiser's Edge through Citrix receiver. 

The plugin launches properly, and users can create and edit templates just fine however they can't actually run imports - when running an import, the users can select the template to use, however when clicking on the button with the dots which should launch a file explorer window to allow them to navigate to the file to import, nothing happens. 


We've run this through our internal IT team, and they have run a clean version of Receiver in debug mode, and according to them, as RE is launching that import window it isn't registering with Citrix as a new Window and therefore won’t display. They have stripped back the Citrix Receiver and run in debug, it’s not even hiding behind other windows. As far as Citrix is concerned it doesn’t exist. 

Has anyone run into this issue, and does anyone have options for fixing this?




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