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Error: The specified appeal could not be found

I am receiving the "The specified appeal could not be found. The appeal has either been deleted or you do not have the rights to view it." when trying an import.


I weirdly receive exceptions on rows where other rows with that same appeal are accepted. This also seems to just be starting this week and other imports in the past worked fine.


Any ideas?

IOM uses the RE user settings when deciding whether to compare against the Appeal ID or the Appeal Description (same for Funds/Campaigns/etc).

So make sure that your RE user settings for Appeal are set to what is in the file (Probably Appeal ID but you should make sure).

In RE in the main menu Tools->User Options
On the Records tab choose Appeals from the list on the left
There is an option for Appeal Format, make sure that is set to what you have in your import file.

I know it doesn't make sense, but there you have it!

Hmm. I have Appeal ID selected for that, and in IOM I have Master ID being used as the field and Appeal ID being used for the enhanced package/appeal processing part under the Gifts section in the actual profile.

sounds right then! That's usually the problem so now I guess you just need to keep testing until you find a pattern.

Ok well I changed the Master ID to Appeal ID and it pulls in the IDs it wouldn't pull in before. But now it doesn't pull in fund and campaign. I'm not sure why Appeal ID would work and Master ID wouldn't (since Master should contain all Appeals?). Any thoughts on that?


Thank you for the help, BTW

Unfortunately I'm not super familiar with the Master ID functionality.

Here is the page about it in the manual FYI
search for "Enhanced Package/Appeal Processing"

There are a couple of technicalities mentioned that might help like not being able to use Appeal Description, for example. And making sure that the Campaign and Fund are set to be the default on the Appeal record.
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