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Magic Folder Error

Question or issue description:
User just got a new PC with Windows7. Installed Raiser's Edge and upgrades and then mapped folder for Magic Folder and installed it. When user clicks on the link for MagicFolder in a fund record she gets:
MagicFolder Error. Error starting MagicFolder. Could not find a part of the path 'W:\Media\MagicFolder\Funds\3171
and is never able to see the media file.

Steps taken:
I have tried uninstalling MagicFolder, repairing Raiser's Edge and reinstalling MagicFolder. I have tried searching the knowledge base and not found anything that matches.

Can you reproduce the issue? Yes on this PC. Other new PCs are not having this problem.


Any suggestions on how to I resolve this error?

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Hi Therese,

Have you confirmed that the new machine has a "W:\" drive mapped? Does the user logged in have access to that folder?

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