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Is it possible to...

... import multiple actions at once when not all constituents have completed that action.


I'm looking to combine the import of multiple advocacy actions that are still open but are no longer being pushed by our organisation so are getting less traffic. Also to do this without having to spend much time manipulating the data.


I created a profile that had all the necessary fields for each action (i.e. Category, Type, Action Date, etc) which worked without error. However, my attempt to import the file resulted with people being given an action they had not complete which is obviously problematic.


Is there a way to get ImportOmatic to skip actions which don't have an Action Date? (as this is the main row in the original data and not virtual fields that indicates that the action was taken? - see example data below)



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I believe that an action will not be created if the Action Type is blank so you could make Action Type be a virtual field and have it use a dictionary against the date field to put in the Action Type if there is a value in the date field.
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