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Search for records based only on email?

I am trying to bring in a file where I only have email addresses to match on. How would I set up my file to correctly process this to look for accounts with email matches? 


When I try to import it right now, it all comes back as error because there is no last name in the file.

Search for duplicates can only be enabled in the profile under Duplicate Search ->Criteria and put a check next to "Include email addresses in duplicate searching"


Is it possible to add email to the list of individual/organization duplicate criteria though?


IOM does search email addresses by default, so unless you changed that, it is probably working.

I bet that the reason you are receiving an error about Last Name is that it's not finding anyone with that email address so it's trying to make a new constituent and Last Name is required when you are making a new record.

There is a checkbox on the Constituent settings in the profile that says something like "do not create new constituent records if no match is found". If you check that and run it again it should give you a better error which is "did not find constituent".

If you have an email in the file that should be found then you should check your duplicate search settings as John suggests.
Under ID Matching select "Continue processing the data row"
Under Duplicate Search->criteria select "include email addresses in duplicate searching"


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