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Add Duplicate Relationships

We track scholarships on the school year and we have cadets who receive the same scholarship multiple years. I need to track these as individual relationships which means in some cases they will be duplicated which is what we want.  I also need to reciprocate these relationships.  In some cases, a cadet may get the same scholarship four years in a row and I need to show four clear relationships to the scholarship (that is its own record) and said scholarship should appear four times as a relationship on the cadet's record.

IOM keeps trying to match them and will overwrite the info I have in place from last year if there is a single match.  If there are multiple matches, it excepts the data out with the error "Individual relationship could not be updated because 2 existing relationships matched."


I have up to 2500 of these to import at any given time and need a solution.  Am I missing a setting somewhere to ignore current relationships and add as new with reciprocal?  I might be able to come up with a workaround with a new type of relationship that needs to be globally canged once imported but I really hate to add yet another step to this already unfun process.

Hi Kim,

In the dupe search results screen, select the matching record and click the 'Add Duplicate Relationship' button. This will create a new relationship to that record rather than updating the existing relationship. This works for same or different relationship types.

If you are using different relationship types each time (Freshman Scholarship Winner, Sophomore Scholarship Winner, etc) there is a setting on the individual relationships screen 'Create new relationship when imported relationship type is different'.


Hi Sue,


I don't have in my dupe search results screen, the button "Add Duplicate Relationship", and I have the same problem for Kim but for Organisation Relationships. What can I do with the error: Organization relationship could not be updated because 2 existing relationships matched.




This discussion was 5 & 7 years ago.  Where can I find the resolution? Thanks!

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