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Overpayment of pledge

When a RE pledge payment is brought in through import-o-matic and the payment is more than the balance owed on the pledge, am I offered the same choice as Raiser's Edge offers - to increase the original pledge amount or to create a cash gift with the reaminder?  Or does O-matoc automatically choose one of those options? 

Hi Jeanne,

If the pledge payment exceeds the pledge balance, this transaction will be added to the exceptions file. I believe that importing them directly through the RE7 Import will do the same thing.

Jeff -
I heard from another user that there was a way to tell it to increase the original amount of the pledge. I can't find any evidence of that anywahere in the profile design. Nor do I see any reference to the other typical RE (Batch or direct entry response) - to create a cash gift or the remainder. So - according to your answer - will the entire payment be excepted? or just the overage? Thanks.
Hi Jeanne,

We have overpayment options for Membership and Event transactions (upgrades and overage donations respectively, if memory serves), but we do not have an option to automatically increase a pledge amount. Whenever an exception is encountered, the entire row is added to the exception file. We don't want partial-data going into our clients databases.

Interestingly, this could potentially be accomplished this with the new IOM API module... code could run before the gift save to check to see if the payment is greater than the balance and automatically increase the pledge. If you happen to have any programmers on staff they might be able to accomplish this, or we offer custom programming services if you wanted Omatic to write it for you. I'd also suggest you add this as a suggestion to our UserVoice site: We pay close attention to it and just implemented a ton of suggestions from there for our latest release.

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