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Format Time

We are trying to do an action import with a start time and end time. In the file it is showing up like this 12:00:00 PM

When we try to import it, RE is reading it like a date. Is there a dictionary we should be applying to keep it in time only format?

Amy, does the incoming data just show time instead of date & time?
If I'm understanding you correctly you have 12:00 pm in the file, but the data being imported is 01/01/1900 12:00 pm (or something like that). If that's the case then this should do the trick:

.*(? --BLANK-- replacement value



Just time. No date.

Check the input file in a text editor to see what the real data is. Excel does a lot of automatic formatting of dates and times but hides the "real" data. IOM picks up what is actually in the file as opposed to what Excel interprets the data as. If it's truly just the time then I would hope it would parse it correctly.

You can also use the "Test Code" button to load the data through IOM and see what IOM will see in those fields. Once you know the real data there you should be able to make a dictionary to clean it up.

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