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Great RE Shortcuts & "Hot Keys"

Some Great Raiser’s Edge Shortcuts and "Hot Keys"


There are some fantastic shortcuts within RE that can save time and headaches. One of my faves not listed below is Shift+Tab, which allows you to move backwards through a row in batch. Great for going back for a quick correction, and you never lay a hand on your mouse! Below are a few more common shortcuts that will help save your sanity!

Function Keys (There are more that are specific to certain modules, see below)

§  F1 – Access the help file to a topic with information for the screen you are currently on

§  F2 – Insert default value of a field in Batch

§  F3 – Insert current date into a field

§  F4 – Accesses list in a dropdown field

§  F5 – Time or date stamp notepads

§  F5 – Refresh batches and some grids

§  F7 – Access lookups in Tables

§  F7 – Access calendars in date fields

§  F7 – Access calculators in currency fields

§  F7 – Zoom in on some fields to view larger text entry area

§  F8 – Toggle between constituent window and data entry grid in Batch


General Task Shortcut Keys

§  CTRL + N – New

§  CTRL + O – Open

§  CTRL + I – Open in new window

§  CTRL + S – Save

§  CTRL + W – Save and new

§  CTRL + L – Save and close

§  CTRL + X – Cut

§  CTRL + C – Copy

§  CTRL + V – Paste

§  CTRL + Z – Undo

§  CTRL + P – Print

§  CTRL + F – Find

§  CTRL + A – Select All

§  CTRL + T – Annotate

§  ALT + F – Go to File menu

§  ALT + H – Go to Help menu

§  ALT + A – Add to Favorites

You can also print The Raiser’s Edge Keyboard Shortcuts(PDF) below to keep handy by your computer. Note: Some shortcuts (e.g., F2) will not apply if your database is hosted by Blackbaud.

Useful Batch “HOT KEYS”

Hotkey for bringing a Constituent's credit card number from the Bio2 tab into a Gift batch


A hotkey, or a keyboard shortcut, is a set of one or more keys that invoke a software function when triggered by the user. In a Gift batch, the user can pull credit card information from the Bio2 tab of a Constituent's record using a hotkey which may help speed up data entry.


The hotkey for pulling credit card information from the Bio2 tab of a Constituent's record into a Gift batch is F7. The cursor must be in the Credit Type field for the hotkey to be active.

There are also several great module-specific shortcuts you can use in a batch to apply a gift to an event registration, a tribute, a pledge, a membership, a proposal and more!

Ctrl + R = Link to Membership

Ctrl + U = Link to Proposal

Ctrl + E = Link to Event Registration Fee

Ctrl + N = Link to Event Donation

Ctrl + Y = Link to Pledge (Ctrl + D also works)

Ctrl + M = Link to Matching Gift

Ctrl + B = Link to Tribute

Ctrl + I = Apply Installment Info (Scheduler opens)

Ctrl + G = Open Gift Properties

Ctrl + K = Open Acknowledgement History

Ctrl + P = Print Batch Log

Ctrl + Q = Address Look-Up

Ctrl + T = Commit Batch

Ctrl + L = Save & Close

Ctrl + A = Select All


Source: Blackbaud Support Guides and Knowledgebase

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