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RE 7.93 and Microsoft Great Plains


I've looked in a few places and there doesn't seem to be much around this (correct me if I'm wrong) so hoping there will be people on here with some experience with this.

We currently use RE 7.93 as our fundraising database and our Finance Team use Great Plains accounting software. There's never been any sort of integration between the two systems and the process to post the income is very manual. 

Is there anyone else on here who has a similar set up? Have you come across any integrations or other solutions that help with income processes and reconciliation?

I understand there is more available for BB CRM but we are not in a position to upgrade any time soon.

Any input will be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Shubi,
Omatic does provide a custom solution for posting from RE to various accounting platforms and I am sure we can provide it for Great Plains. Each integration is customized for the clients exact needs. Someone will contact you directly.
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