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How to remove a value on Bio2

Hello everyone,

I want to delete/remove the value in the Credit Card Type field in Bio2.  Currently it's ~ and I want it to be gone!  How do I go about doing this as it's not a constituent field that is available for choosing.  My data file looks like this:

Credit Card Type      Constituent Import ID
      ~                              10203

Thanks for your help.



Barbara A. Schlichter

Assistant Director, Information Services

Institutional Advancement

41 Mall Road

Burlington, MA  01805

Thanks for the answer, Stephanie. I think we'll just ignore the field for now, and when I feel like mindless task work, I'll tackle the 2500 we have!
Hi Barbara,
Currently, those fields are not available for mapping in IOM. You can request that functionality in a future version by submitting to our UserVoice site:

Upon further review of your issue, it appears that you cannot globally delete/change this field in RE either. One of our consultants mentioned this scenario as one that she also encountered in her previous nonprofit job and had to manually re-key all the bad entries.

If there are way too many for your taste, we have a development department that could investigate writing a script for you to solve your issue. Contact if that's something you might want to do.

Hope this helps!
Stephanie Johnson
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