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Attaching solicitors to gifts

I put this in the RE forum but I think it's really an Import-O-Matic issue. I want to assign a solicitor to a donor then have all future gifts of that donor be assigned to that solicitor. This isn't happening on gifts I import via Import-O-Matic (but it does work properly on cash batch gifts). In the profile configuation, under Constituents/Relationships/Assigned Solicitor I have tried both choices, Solicitor & Always Add New, under Match Assigned Solicitors On. I get the same results either way. Any ideas?


Greg - I do not see this as an OMatic issue at all if your import file does not contain a gift solicitor - the gift does not get a solicitor.

Importing works differently than batch - always has always will. When you enter fund in batch you get a lovely list of funds - in import, you have to hand type in the exact import ID manually, etc. Linking to events and tributes is a click of a button and in Import you need IDs and such.

IOM imports exactly what you have in your file. If Solciitor is not in your import, it does not go on your gift. Simple as that. IOM talks some to RE but does not conditionalize what is imported based on what is in RE. It just doesn't. Straight up imports to RE do the same exact thing. It also does not do auto-soft crediting based on any relationships. It just can't.

The only conditionalization that IOM can do is based on what is in your import file. I am sorry to say that Unless you have something in the import file to indicate the solicitor - you will not get a solicitor assigned on the gifts. IOM is magical in so many ways but not in this way.
Hi Greg,

It's been a looooong time! Hope you're doing well!

Are you referring to the batch pop-up that asks what solicitors should be credited and for how much? Unfortunately IOM would have to make guesses about that (which solicitor, and how much credit), and typically we don't want it guessing. So, of course, if you had the data in your import file you could import it. However! I think you would definitely be able to accomplish this with the API if you wanted. You could create a virtual field and map it to "Gift Solicitor ID", then write a function to get the first (or most appropriate) solicitor off the constituent record. If you can do Excel macros with VBA, you could definitely do this! If you want to take a crack at it, we'll help you out via the forums if you keep us up to date on your progress.

By the way, the solicitor options you mentioned are for adding/updating solicitor relationships on constituents, not for solicitors on gifts.


Found this thread from quite some time ago - is it possible for Omatic to import solicitors for individual gifts? ie. Not adding solicitor relationships on constituents? If how, what information would I need in my import profile and dataset?

Hi Katie, you just need to add the constituent ID of the Constituent ID of the solicitor ID in your file and map it to "Solicitor Const ID or RE user name".
Since this thread popped back up I assign solicitors to gifts as they come in through the API.

I basically look up the solicitor on the constituent record and put their ID into a virtual field that links that solicitor to the gift.

The key, as Jeff said, is how to choose which solicitor to assign if there are multiple ones. We have a specific type that we use to designate the primary solicitor on a record so I look through until I find that one and then set it as the solicitor for the gift.

It would be a nice feature for IOM to have a setting to automatically assign constituent solicitors to gifts based on their solicitor relationship type (that would be chosen in the profile).
Wayne, great feedback! I just checked our our ImportOmatic UserVoice site but did not see a suggestion for that. Would you consider posting it?


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Hi! I'm trying to do what Greg was talking about. I've done some work in the IOM code editor, but you lost me on the part where I need to connect it to a solicitor in the constituent record. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks!




Here is an example of how you could do it. Note that this is UNTESTED code so take it with a grain of salt.

    Public Overrides Sub AfterGiftSave(oGift As CGift, Cancel As iCancel)

        ' Loop through each assigned solicitor on the gift's constituent

        For Each oSol As CAssignedSolicitor In oGift.Constituent.Relations.AssignedSolicitors

            ' Add the current solicitor to the gift

            With oGift.Solicitors.Add()

                ' Set the Solicitor ID

                .Fields(ERecordSolicitorFields.RECORDSOLICITOR_fld_SolicitorId) = oSol.Fields(EASSIGNEDSOLICITORFields.ASSIGNEDSOLICITOR_fld_SOLICITOR_ID)

                ' Set the Credit Amount

                .Fields(ERecordSolicitorFields.RECORDSOLICITOR_fld_Amount) = oGift.Fields(EGiftFields.GIFT_fld_Amount)

            End With


        ' Save the gift


    End Sub

Also YAY Planned Parenthood!

I recently, and by accident, discovered that imported gifts were not being linked to assigned solicitors.  We know, when gifts are entered manually in a batch, that RE automatically links the solicitor to the gift (it has been doing it all along without my even knowing it!). It is surprising, with IOM’s extensive RE integration, that this is not something that will work by default when importing gifts via IOM. 

Wayne, I've added my votes to your suggestion at


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