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Applying only certain gift records from an import file to RE Events

I’m working on an import profile to apply online gifts (from Artez) to as Other Donations to event participants when there's a specific event ID in the import file. I’ve mapped the Participant Import ID from the Artez Solicitor ID to link the gift to the participant. 


The import file includes both event proceeds and proceeds from other events, which are not being applied to event records in RE, but they have a value in them (usually “0”, but there are some stray values from other events). This causes an exception when importing the gift. I’ve worked around it by deleting the value out of the Solicitor ID field when the Artez Event ID is different.


Is it possible to make the import dynamic enough to only reference the solicitor ID field if there’s a specific Artez Event ID field on the file? I’m hoping not to have to modify the file prior to import or do multiple passes.

Am I understanding correctly that you want to import ALL of the gifts in the file but one want to pick up the solicitor ID for some of them? Or do you only want to import the ones from a certain event and ignore the other gifts entirely?
I want to import all of the gifts but only pick up the solicitor ID from the ones that are part of that specific event. Thanks.
You picked the harder one :(

IOM doesn't really have a way to modify one field based on the value of another field.

Is there a set list of solicitors that you are interested in? Maybe you could make a dictionary that would let those through but set all of the other ones to -BLANK-?
Thanks Wayne,
I had the same thought. Yes, the solicitor IDs are unique to that event, so I could create a dictionary of those solicitors and map all the other ones to blank. It would mean I'd have to continuously update the dictionary to map new solicitor IDs as they were added, so it's probably easier just to remove those extra IDs from the source file as I'm doing now.
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