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ImportOmatic Updates folder unavailable

Hello,  We are trying to do the work station implementations and while I have access to the other updates folders to get the install files this folder for ImportOmatic is not available.  Can anyone else access it? 

Hi Nicol,

I have re-provisioned your user account per your product record. Please sign out and back in to gain access to the IOM Updates Forum.


Thank you I am now able to access it..

I'm having the same problem accessing the updates folder. I'm a new user of RE in my organisation and I've installed an older version of ImportOmatic, but can't access the updates folder to get the latest version.

Hi Alice,

Your account has been provisioned and you can now access the IOM updates folder.


Hi John or Adam,

I am experiencing the same access issues with the IOM Update Folder.



I have the same issues as the other users.  I am trying to download the latest version of Import-O-Matic, but the updates folder is inaccessible with a red circle with a minus sign on the folder icon.  Like the other users, can you provision my account to access this folder.


Thank you!

Hi Eric,

I have provisioned your account.


For anyone else who runs into this issue it's usually a bit quicker to email Just include your username and let us know that you need access. Thanks!
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