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Reg Ex for Date formats

I have been stuck with this problem and need your support. I have a date format 2015-05-26 04:18:06.007

I want to remove the time stamp as well as format the date as:  05/26/15

This is what I have used

Could you please help me. Thank you,



Kiddy--Omatic gave me a workaround that helps me. It's a Dictionary that has Replacement value 05/26/15 with the Regular Expressions box checked (and I edit that date each time I do the import). Values to match on: ^.+$ (I can send a screen shot, if you email me.)

You have to edit the dictionary each time you use it, and it makes you choose a specific date. That means that for every file, I have to say I want that string to convert to 05/26/15--if your file has a range of dates, they will still all return 05/26/2015.

I work in such a short date range that I don't care if the date is a day or two off--or not enough to bother breaking up the file and editing the dictionary for each one. But if you do care, you'll have to break up the file by day.

There may be other and better options out there, but this one's getting me by!
Kiddy, is that data coming from Artez? I may have a dictionary that can help with that particular odd date formatting. Please confirm and I will post as a sep topic here on the forums!

Allison B.

This should help with Artez date formatting, it keeps the year as 4 digit though...hopefully that isn't a deal-breaker!


Replacement Value: 


Value to Match On: 




Allison B.

Thank you for this topic and answer!! This helped me as well.
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