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How to combine 2 fields into 1?

I am trying to import a full name into a gift attribute field, however my excel file has "First" and "Last" name broken out separately in 2 cells.  Is there a way to combine these fields to import both first and last into one RE field?

We do that!! Add a column in your Excel doc and use a forumla: =CONCATENATE(A2, " ", B2) (A and B being the cells you want to combine and then a space in between--you may have different values.) Hope it works for you!
Thanks! Is there a way to do this within the profile itself? I run our imports daily with sometimes hundreds of lines of data so I was hoping to not have to manipulate the excel file every day but will use that work around if not.
Ah--you probably wanted to say "duh" and thank you for not!!! I don't know of any way, and will let someone with better skills than I have to jump in. :)
Hi Stephanie,

Currently IOM does not have the functionality to do this without a customization through the API. Karen's suggestion of the concatenate function would be the best work around. As a side note instead of typing out =concatenate you can shorten it and just use ampersands. For example =A2&" "&B2 is the same as =concatenate(A2, " ", B2)


Ok, thanks all! And Karen - def not! I appreciate the response! Thanks :)
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