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Appending "Date From" and "Date To" to constituent codes created in a default set

I'm importing a list of staff members into the database. All have the same constituent code "Staff" which I'm creating in a constituent default set. I want to append the "Date From", which is variable, to the constituent code. Do I need to create it as a virtual field instead of including it in the default set, or is there a way to append it directly?


Hi Gregg,

Unfortunately you can't use a variable date with a constituent code that is assigned by a default set. Can you add the constituent code to the profile or do you only want it added to new constituents?


Thanks John. We just want to add to the new constituents, and ideally to any existing constituents that don't already have the code. Would this mean a double pass if we wanted to do both new and existing constituents?
If you want it added to new and anyone who doesn't have it I would just add it in your profile. Then under Constituents->Constituent and Solicit Codes set "If Import constituent code already exists" to Update Existing. If someone does currently have it, IOM updates it, but since it's updating it with the same data it won't change anything (though if the from date in your spreadsheet is different than what is in RE it will change the from date).
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