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Gift & Action Attributes not populating dates?

Hi folks,

First post, we've only recently purchased the IOM software. 

I'm having some difficulty in getting some sub-record attribute dates to populate, even though the attributes themselves are populating properly. 

I've set up a template for importing donors and donations that have come through my University's online transaction system, and as a part of this, there are action attributes and gift attributes that are being applied successfully, through virtual fields, however the Action and Gift Attribute Dates are not being applied. 

Here's what I've tried thus far:

In the template configuration, I have selected the checkbox for "Default new attribute dates from Process Date", which would be ideal, if it worked (it doesn't), I suspect because the attributes are being created as virtual fields. 

  1. An alternative to this that I tried, was to create the action attribute date as a virtual field, with the function set to current date, however when this occurs, saving the profile errors with the message that "The Value Type must be set for each field", however there is no drop down option for the value type for either an action or a gift attribute date record type. This error appears if I also use the function to copy a date field from another date field in the import file. 


Does anyone have any thoughts on how this can be fixed?

Many thanks in advance if someone can assist.



Hi Rob,

I've tested this and the "Default new attribute dates from Process Date" is functioning as it should and attributes are being added with today's date when that is selected.  Please note that this function does not add a date to attributes added via default sets.  Regarding the value type you must link the date to the attribute.  In the following screen shot on column I I'm creating an attribute with a Category of Source, and a description of Omatic.  In column J I have a record type of Gift Attribute - Date and I'm telling IOM that I want that date linked to the attribute in column I so the value type is set to Field I.  Please let me know if you have questions.






Ah, I think that I see the problem. 

Yes, in both cases (Actions & Gifts), the attribute was being added in as a part of the default set. 

So, if I remove the attributes from the default set template, I should be able to build out the attribute to that gift/action through virtual fields with the relevant date?

cheers & thanks for the prompt assistance. 





Yes, that will work.  However if you want to continue to use default sets there is an option to use "current system date".  Either way will work, but since you've already built your default sets it might save you a few minutes to just add that to the default set rather than editing your profile.


Yep, I know of that one, however I needed the date to be the date marked on the incoming file, rather than the date when the file was processed, so, in IOM terms, the date would be a virtual field seeded from a date on the import file.

I've changed it out to have the attributes now coming from virtual fields in IOM.

Thanks for the help, it is appreciated.
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