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Remove Existing Codes on Import

Let's say I have a Constituent Code for a type of job:

Plumber   "1"

Lawyer    "2"

Doctor    "3"

I'm importing a field with the code number 1,2 or 3.  I may or may not have an existing job. 

So what I want to do upon import is to first delete all existing jobs and then look up my code and put the appropriate job in the Constituent Code.

 Can someone show me how to do this?  TIA

Hi Sara,

You would need to setup a constituent code removal for all possible constituent codes (I would suggest doing this in virtual fields, though you could include it in your data file).  After all the columns for removing constituent codes you can map your new constituent code.  I've attached a couple of screen shots as an example. Column B in the profile is mapped to a constituent code in the data file, but because I want this processed after all the constituent codes I have it ignored in column B, then map it with a copy field in a virtual field after the constituent code removals have processed. For more information on removing constituent codes you can refer to this KB








Thanks John!
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