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Import file selection control not visible in the dialog box

I've been experiencing a strange problem lately - not sure if it's related to Windows 10 or not.

In the Import dialog box, the text is all a bit larger than normal and the button for the File to import selection dialog has been pushed out of the visible window: it means I can't select a file to import:

I get this when first starting up ImportOmatic after logging in to Raiser's Edge for the first time in the day on my laptop - generally I've taken it home and used it overnight at home just as a laptop, whereas during the work day I plug it in to a docking station and use two monitors.

Anyways, I have to log out of Windows and sign back in to for it to revert to normal.

I've just got it again now, and I'm not sure what's doing it - it's not fatal, but certainly annoying. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Hi David,

In Windows Settings>Display, check to see if your display is set to 100% or something higher.  If it's higher, set it to 100% and see if it is still happening.





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