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Volunteer Checklist and Import Bug - Help Needed


I'm trying to do an import that would add multiple Volunteer Checklist items to a constituent's record.  I cannot get the system to add more than one at a time. For example, my spreadsheet for Volunteer Test1 looks like this::


RE # Orientation Application Background Check
Test1 10/1/16 10/2/16

The import is only adding the last column in which there is a date (in the example above, Application). It is not adding Orientation. How do I get it to add both (or all 3, if relevant) in the same import?


In addition, I have experienced a problem similar to Carrie Dufault's on 10/13. When I change a Volunteer detail, it will let me add matching criteria, but it will NOT go back to (and save)  .

Thanks in advance for your help - especially on the import.

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