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How to delete or update Alias Name value?

We have over 11,000 Alias Name values that we need to change.  Using standard BB Global Delete/Change we are unable to delete or change the Alias Name (only the Alias Type).  We use the "Check Aliases" in our search, so leaving the bad alias value on the record is not an option.  BB Support says we have to delete each alias manually, then we can Import all the correct Alias. How can we use Importomatic to accomplish this?

I've also encountered this problem. I was able to remove the value, but the "category" remained. Example: I was able to remove "Smith" from the category of "Maiden Name" but now "Maiden Name" exists with no data.

I contacted Blackbaud, and they were not helpful.
I've tried to download the API Documentation, but am having problems viewing it. What method would I use to delete the alias name for a Constituent?
Hi Nancy,

The out of the box functionality of ImportOmatic does not allow it to remove aliases. However it could be accomplished through some custom coding through the IOM API. If you have someone at your organization who is good with coding they could possibly create this for you, or if you were interested we could arrange for you to work with one of our consultants to develop this for you as a paid customization. Let me know if you would like more information on the second option.


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