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Avoiding duplicate Phone numbers in Import

I know I can avoid importing duplicate 'Phone types', I'm trying to avoid importing duplicate 'Phone Numbers'

eg. Pre-existing phone number is as follows: Phone type = Phone  /    Phone number = 905-688-5550

The New Import is creating Phone type = Phone 1 /  Phone Number  = 905-688-5550

So it appears as 2 different phone types with the same phone number

I now have to go into the record and delete the duplicate row

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IOM uses phone numbers in two ways when importing.

First it uses the number (regardless of the type) to find matching records.

Secondly, once the constituent has been identified, it checks to see if the number already exists on the record WITH THE SAME TYPE. This is where duplicate numbers generally happen because it limits the numbers it looks at based on the type specified in the import profile.

In your case, however, it seems to be doing what it shouldn't, which is not finding the number on the record even though it has the same type. I would check to make sure that the type specified in the import profile matches the type of the phone that is being imported. If it does, then make sure that the phone matches exactly (including punctuation). If that also matches then I am stumped and Support will have to help!
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