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Handling address updates

I'm hoping for help or guidance on a challenge we're facing with the wrong address being updated in RE by ImportOmatic.

We have a scenario where we have a constituent record in RE with both a Home address (preferred) and a Business address. For the sake of simplicity, let's say the Home address is currently set to "123" and the Business address is currently set to "456".

We then have an import file where we're looking to import an update to the Home address, so it has the Type set to "Home". In this scenario, the value of the Home address in the import file is actually now the same as the value of the Business address already in RE, ie "456".

When we try to import this, ImportOmatic ignores the fact that we've specified "Home" as the Type in our import file, and instead based on its address similarity scoring (for which Business is a perfect =100 match) identifies the Business address record as the matching record, and updates or ignores it (based on he action we've selected in the import profile). In this particular case the profile option for "If multiple addresses match pick based on Type or Preferred" doesn't kick in because there's only 1 address in RE that matches, unfortunately it's the wrong one!

How can we tell ImportOmatic to respect the value of the Type field we've set in the import file when it's determining which addresses to match on?

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