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Importing Volunteer Information

I'm trying to import volunteer types into Raiser's Edge. Right now we're just using a status "active" or "inactive". So anything I import, I want it to overwrite their current setting from Active to Inactive or vise verse. But it adds a new line instead of the new status.


Does anyone know how to modify that?


In addition, I can't get the volunteer section in Omatic to keep any changes I make to it. It keeps reverting back to the original settings. It's driving me batty. Is this a glitch in the system? I can seemingly make changes to all other sections.

Hi Carrie,

I see your question was posted a couple of weeks ago now, but I wanted to reach out in case I can be of any assistance should you still need it. 2 questions that will assist me in helping you further are:

- What version of IOM are you currently on?

- What settings for volunteer job matching are you attempting to set/use for this profile that is adding a new job each time you run, rather than update existing jobs? I'm referring to the settings located here:



Hi Laura -


We upgraded our profile back when I saw that this was happening. I know all too well that Omatic support doesn't do much unless you're on the most current version, so we upgraded that day. The issue still persists. John Shepard with Omatic is aware of the problem and also sees what I see. 

Highlighted below is the area in which we're having problems with. I can't make any changes to this section because it reverts back to what it was the first time I ever made changes to it. 

As far as I know, this is a known issue and it being looked into.


Hi Carrie,

This issue of not being able to save new settings is resolved in the latest version of ImportOmatic (, which we are releasing this afternoon. I will circle back here to confirm when it's available for download!

Thank you,

Amanda Tetanich, bCRE
Associate Product Manager | Omatic Software
Thanks, Amanda!
Hi Carrie,

I wanted to check back in with you to update on the issue of being unable to save changes being made to your volunteer data matching. First, I misspoke earlier, this update was released on October 24th, in version Regardless, the latest version that we released earlier today ( includes the fix as well and is available for download in the ImportOmatic Updates forum-

I noticed in your screenshot you posted that you are currently on version from March of this year, so updating to the latest version should be all that's needed. If you run into issues updating, or if it seems as though a recent attempt at updating did not work, our support team will definitely be able to assist.

Once you resolve the matching issue, you should be able to deselect the option to match by status, which should resolve the original issue of not being able to update the status. These settings can be a bit confusing, because natural instinct is to select all of the fields we're importing, but keep in mind that you do not want to attempt to *match* the field you are trying to change, because those values will be different.

I hope this is helpful, but let us know if you run into any other snags!

Amanda Tetanich, bCRE
Associate Product Manager | Omatic Software
Sorry - I should have clarified about my screenshot. It was an old screenshot I took to send to Omatic back when I first noticed the issue. We're currently on
When I spoke to John Shepard on 11/4, he said that it will come out the next software update. He didn't mention it having been fixed on 10/24.

Either way, we are willing to put an update out to our IT team to see if this solves the issue.
Hi Carrie,

My apologies. I was mistaken and didn't realize that the fix was already in place.


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