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Append note when solicit code is removed

Hi everyone:


Our online donation portal allows donors to check a box to opt-in or out of email contact with us. We track our donor contact preferences in solicit codes. I've created a dictionary to remove that solicit code using the "-" removal character. ("Y" = "-Do Not Send Email", works a treat!).


I was hoping to find a non-API way of adding a constituent note so that we can track when the solicit code is removed. I could map the "Y" value to put in a specific note showing when an why the solicit code was removed in the database. However, I only want it to apply when the solicit code is actually removed. So if the solicit code does not already exist and I opt-in to receive email, nothing changes and there's no need to add a note. However, if I was previously restricting email contact with a solicit contact, I'd want to add the note to show when it was removed.


Any thoughts on how to accomplish this?




There really isn't a way to do this without the API I don't think. You can't really base any decisions off of data in the RE record (like the prior existence of the solicit code)
Thanks Wayne. I suspected as much. I think for the moment we'll be tracking the options selected when the donor makes an online gift, probably as a gift attribute, regardless of what they are. We'll look at APIing that if we need a clearer trail for auditing purposes.
You could try to set up IOM to create a note and match the note by type. That would make it so that IOM would only create the note if it doesn't already exist, otherwise it would replace the existing note. The trick is to figure out how to keep the original date on the note which might happen if you don't actually set the date explicitly in the profile. It might just use today's date the first time by default but not touch the date next time because it already exists and is not explicitly set.
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