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Removing and/or editing Constituent Attribute



I have attempted to use the above help page to remove an existing attribute on a constituent record via IOM Import, and it doesnt seem to work? I have tried using virtual fields as well as mapping into the existing data file, and neither works?

Ultimately, i would like to either Remove the attribute, and add a new one via the IOM 


update the existing on in IOM (the attribute is set to 1 on record only) - currently IOM spits out exceptions when trying to map to this field, rather than updating it, IOM tells me there is one already on their record.


Any help appreciated!


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Hi Erin,

I'm happy to try and help you resolve the issue you're having removing/updating unique attributes.

A couple of things to check are: 
- Confirm that there are 2 columns in your data file pertaining to the attribute you want to remove - one that contains the current value for the attribute description, and another that contains a value of "Y", "Yes", or "1"? Both will be needed for attribute removal

- To instead update an existing unique attribute, having 1 column in your data file that contains the new attribute description values will be all that's needed. This, in conjunction with the attribute settings below, will update the existing values with what is in your spreadsheet.


Another thing to check is whether you have columns for Category AND Description, or just Description in your data file. This may be another cause for the exceptions you're seeing that state that only 1 unique attribute is allowed. Are you mapping both, or just the attribute description?




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